In the early 1950’s Paul Haines Sr. owned a company called Paul’s Boat Rentals that operated inland oilfield crewboats and also owned a shipyard to maintain his vessels. His son, Paul Haines Jr. worked for him as a diesel mechanic and also as a vessel crew member.

In 1956 Paul Haines Jr. formed his own boat company, Crewboat Services, Inc. He started with one 31’ inland crewboat. In 1958 he purchase two 35’ inland crewboats and operated these vessel servicing the inland oil field until 1962 when he purchased his first offshore crewboat. A 65’ aluminum crewboat named the m/v Scotti Sue. In 1965, Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. formed a new company called Coastal Marine Inc. This company purchase two 42’ inland crewboats and one 55’ offshore crewboat. Coastal Marine also managed and operated the vessels for Paul’s Boats rentals and Crewboat Services. Between 1965 and 1970 eight 65’ offshore vessels were added to the fleet at the same time 50% of the inland fleet was sold.

At the same time Coastal Marine Inc. also started brokering vessels with as many as twenty-five vessels operating under a brokerage agreement.

Over the next five years, the Company built ten 100’ offshore crewboats concentrating strictly on the offshore industry and the remaining fleet of inland vessels were sold. By 1979 the Company owned, operated and brokered approximately forty-five vessels ranging in size from 105’ to 125’.

By 1982 ten utility vessel, six 160’ to 170’ supply vessels and another six 122’ crewsupply boats were added to the fleet. By 1985 the Company owned, operated and brokered over one hundred vessels for various boat owners and financial institutions.

In the late 1980’s Chrysler Capital put together a fleet of vessels for a company called Marine Assets Management and Coastal Marine Inc, managed the fleet. Trico Marine Operators purchased the fleet, but Coastal Marine continued to operate the vessels under a brokerage agreement until February 1997.